Wolf-dog Education...

Responsible Ownership thru Education

The Good the Bad and the Ugly of wolfdog breeders.


I do not own any of these animals/pictures below.  All pictures have been credited to their respectful owners (and websites).

This page is for educational/awareness purposes concerning wolves and wolfdog-hybrids and the breeders that produce them

To those breeders that are listed on this page: This is not slander, false information or an attack against you personally.  Not one thing that I have listed is false or lies.  Everything has been researched and information gathered from several different sources, as well as my own personal experiences and a few of my opinions. 

 This is about proper education and representation of wolves and wolfdogs everywhere.  EVERYONE that owns or is involved with wolves/wolfdogs is a part of this.  NO ONE is exempt.  Falsely advertising dogs as wolves is deceptive and dangerous!

You want to state your information/education and opinions on your website and I am stating education/information and opinions on mine.

Several different references/resources can be given on both wolf/wolfdog/dog: phenotying, behavior, anatomy, appearance (and other physical traits), different wolf to "wolf-like" dog comparisons/studies, content variations/same litter variations, sub-species variations and content/generation comparisons.


Introduction:  Misrepresentation and Myth

It seems like the more wolf someone can claim their animal is, the more money they can sell that animal for and the more attention they will get. 

I have seen people selling dog mutt puppies as "98%" wolfdogs and charging people up to 2,000$ per puppy.  Also for a subspecies of wolf that does not exisist!

 I have seen yellow lab mix puppies being sold as wolfdogs of high percentage.

I have seen a full grown adult "high content F1 generation" wolfdog that had bi-eyes (one blue/one brown), curly tail, partial flop ears and just had just sired a litter of "cubs" that were born in October.  The mother, also a "high content" was a wolf-like sable color, probably from the German Shepherd that seemed quite dominant in her build- very large, thin ears, wide chest and that horrible sloping GSD back.  The wolfiest looking pups (the pups that inherited their mothers sable coloration) were sold for a higher price than the black/white and tan pups- even though they were all supposed to be "high content".

I have seen countless Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Mala mutes and German Shepherd crosses (meaning mixes such as a GSD/Husky or a Mal/Husky) being sold as wolfdogs.   Some with blue eyes, some with brown and yes, even some with yellow/gold (no, light gold/yellow eyes IS NOT an indicator of recent wolf heritage)!

 Most of the time these puppies are being sold as being "high percentage" or "high content" wolfdogs.

 And the winner.

I have seen a doberman/husky cross sire a litter of so-called "98%" wolves, that were born in August. 

And you want to know what is sad about all of this- there are A LOT of people that actually believe that what they are getting is really a wolf or 98% wolfdog cross- even if it looks just like the champion AKC registered show malamute down the street- or the floppy eared yellow lab next door.  Keep telling the lie until people start to believe it- that is exactly what has happened with people selling misrepresented animals.  Most wouldn't know a pure wolf even if it came and pee'd on their shoes!

There are far too many people that HAVE NO IDEA WHAT A PURE WOLF EVEN LOOKS LIKE!!!

The general publics image of a "pure wolf" is usually some sort of husky, malamute or German Shepherd cross- whether it be an animal they saw on T.V. or their next door neighbors floppy eared black and white "MacKenzie Valley wolf" puppy- the idea of what a real wolf looks like has just been horribly tainted.

Incredible site by Wolf Echo Valley on the comparison of pure wolves, wolfdogs and "wolf-like" dog breeds.


Also visit my Low, Mid and High Content wolfdog pages for a better idea of what to expect from each classification.


Most people either really can't tell the difference, or they just don't careThe breeder told them their blue-eyed little baby that was born in October is a pure wolf...why would they lie about that?

Most of the time, not only will bad breeders misrepresent the amount of wolf (if any at all) in their animals, but they also tend to include either extinct, extremely endangered or NON EXSISTANT sub-species of wolf to make their animals more "valuable". 


A few of these to look out for are:

Arctic Wolf : While it is a real subspecies, finding a captive arctic for breeding purposes other than in a zoo or preservation setting is rare (there are a few breeders that do have them).  Finding a legit high content (or full Arctic wolf) arctic wolfdog is very uncommon. Many people will breed White German Shepherds, Samoyeds, white huskies, white malamutes, white phase wolves/wolfdogs and even Great Pyrenese  and sell them as Arctic wolfdogs. Also, Arctic wolf pups ARE NOT born white.  Like every other wolf in the world, they are born a DARK SOLID color- typically a sooty grey or dark brown.  Many also do not turn white until several months of age.

Mexican Wolf: Again, a real sub-species.  However, the Mexican wolf, besides being nearly extinct in the wild, is under such strict protection- how would anyone even be able to legally get a Mexican wolf for private breeding, and for wolfdog mutts no less?  Why would anyone that is trying to preserve this animal want to risk contaminating an already severely endangered species???

Red Wolf:  Like the Mexican Wolf, finding a pure Red Wolf (as many people think they are wolf/coyote hybrids to begin with anyway) for a private breeding program would be pretty much non exsitant.

MacKenzie Valley- A very large N. American subspecies.  Very uncommon.  Pure strains of the Mac Valley wolf for captive wolf-dog breeding purposes would be like finding a needle in a haystack- in other words VERY few people have legit Mac Valley crosses- all of which are very high content/pure animals.

Buffalo Wolf

Mac. valley Arctic-  A cross perhaps? Hmm?

Red or Black Arctic- No such subspecies.  Some people will make up cool or exotic sounding subspecies to make their animals more expensive.

Plains Wolf

Russian Wolf- What?  

Mexican Red Wolf- Is that a Mexican Wolf/Red Wolf cross????  Another non-existant subspecies. 

Warning Signs and Breeders to watch out for:

 You will notice the trend is pretty much the same: people misrepresenting their animals- selling pure dog (or "wolf-like" dog breed mutts) or lower content wolfdogs as pure wolves and high contents. 

 You will also notice how they all claim to have "so many years working with pure wolves" and "they have worked around wild wolves for 20 years" and everyone and their uncle has owned some sort of wolf for their entire life in their whole family line...  Also, many unethical breeders  often use percentages to prove their point, stating that their animals are 98% or 73.54% and that they know their parents were pure wolves because "they have seen them." And therefore they must be pure wolves- even though when comparing a pure bred Siberian Husky to their animals- the husky is "wolfier" than their so-called "95% F1 wolf"

They also often list very uneducated/misleading material on their websites in addition to misrepresenting the wolf in their animals (and the type of wolf in them).  Be careful of breeders who also try to make the point of how wolfy their animals look. 

They always claim or make up faulty heritage to give their animals "that exception" to the rule of wolves or high contents"well they can have puppies in October because," or "they have blue eyes because," or "their tail is curly because" or "their nails are clear because" or "their cubs are white because they are arctic wolves" and "well huskies and malamutes are wolf-hybrids anyway...so..." and the list goes on.

Warnings/Red Flags: Mainly for Wolf/High Content Breeders.  Some lower content animals can be exceptions to some of these rules, such as being able to produce pups in a month like August.

Any "wolf" registered with the CKC, UKC, IKC or the WWKC.  Those are not reputable registries and do not verify the background/heritage or the content of an animal.

Breeders selling wolves, 98%'ers, very high contents wolfdogs born in June, July, August, September, October, November, December or January. 

They have multiple litters at a time with several different animals throughout the year.

Any breeder stating that more wolf= a better pet.

Any breeder claiming they make good family pets and/or are good with kids.

That they are protective/make good watch dogs.

They they are not high energy and make good pets for apartment owners or truck drivers.

They they train easily and are reliable.

They they cannot get health problems or defects.  They cannot get fleas or ticks.

That their "high contents" or "wolves" can breed any time of the year because they are pets and are house raised.

They breed the same animals every year or heat cyle.

They have multiple intact animals together at one time.

Their enclsoures are not clean, spacious or look like a healthy enviornment.

Their enclosures are of poor quality- not proper/escape proof fencing.

Animals are fearful or aggressive.

Breeder has "high contents" that have blue eyes, snow noses or pink/liver colored noses, large pointy ears or floppy ears, curly tails, pups are born multi-colored or white (not a dark solid color) pups/adults have pink noses, paw pads, lips or "eye liner, coat not well blended, coat is feathered (seen in golden rets) pups ears are not erect by 4 weeks. 

Breeders that sell pups that are white at 4-8 weeks claiming they are Arctics or of Arctic heritage (for higher content animals).

Breeder wont let you see both parents of the pups.

Breeder sells you a pup without checking or verifying that wolves/wolfdogs are legal where you live.

Breeder sells you a pup without verifying that you have a vet that will treat him.

For more information on Good/Bad breeders, please visit:




Who is who of the wolfdog breeding world?

The Bad and the Ugly...

Animals that have been misrepresented, have poor temperaments, bad conformation, health issues and so on.


NOTE:  Some of these breeders I feel were just mislead by the breeders they accquired their animals from.  SOME of these people LOVE their animals very much and take good care of them, they just don't know any better when it comes to identifying wolves, wolfdogs and dogs.
All picture on this page are pictures of the listed breeders animals.  I have no claim over these pictures- they have been given credit to their owners.


So are there any "good" breeders that represent the amount of wolf in their animals truthfully?

Yes, I am happy to say, there are, though the list is quite smaller than those that are not truthful. Responsible breeders not only have animals of sound and verifiable backgrounds, but many are also involved in wolf/wolfdog educational programs/educating the public and rescue.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A RESPONSIBLE BREEDER (a lot of this should go for ALL canines- not just wolfdogs!)

A good breeder should have their animals temperament tested, OFA/PennHip-ed (hips and elbows x-rayed and rated) and only breed the most stable and sound animals. 

A breeder should breed to better the breed- not just to produce a litter of animals.

Animals should NOT be bred multiple times a year (or for high contents- every heat cycle).  They should also not be bred until their second season (for females) and at least 2 years old (for males).

There should NOT be several litters produced at once.  Be aware of several animals together in one enclosure with several litters of puppies.

All pups should be spoken for BEFORE a pair is even bred.

Animals should be well socialized and should not be fearful or aggressive.

Animals should have a SAFE (proper fencing), spacious, CLEAN and mentally stimulating enviornment.

There should NOT be more than 2 INTACT animals per enclosure (1 male and 1 female) when a female is in heat (or its breeding season).

A breeder should always know who has been bred (no accidental litters or guessing who the father is).

A breeder should be well educated about the breed.  They should be willing to help and answer any question about their animals or the breed.

They should thoroughly screen every potential owner (and even do an on-site home/containment check if able).

They should be able to give a list of references of previous buyers and their experiences with their animals.

They should NOT sell higher content animals to people that have (or are planning on having) kids or have small children that visit their house regularly.

They should NOT breed rescues or any animals of unknown background/heritage.




Please contact me directly if you would like to be directed a reputable wolfdog breeder.  These are my opinions that are being expressed- I AM NOT guaranteeing the temperament or health of these animals.  This is from my personal experiences with the breeders directly or offspring I have met.

Ayita of Wind Dancer Wolves

Kiowa of High Hills


Are there bad breeders of higher content animals too?


Unfortunately yes, there are.  This kind of problem relates to the above breeders- people get an animal they think is mostly wolf and then after raising this "wolf" that is so good with people and in the house, decide to get another one and are actually able to accquire a higher content animal through a breeder like this- and then it all goes downhill from there.  And its the high content "defective" animal that ends up suffering because its acting like, well...a real wolf.

Responsible breeders of higher content animals do not sell just to anyone.  Many have strict contracts that come with their pups as well as strict containment and handling requirements for potential owners.  Many of their pups are sold as "pet" quality with a spay/neuter contract.  There are barely enough responsible homes for the dogs we have in shelters across the USA- only an extremely small handful of those people are responsible enough/willing to take on on the duties of wolf/wolfdog ownership.

 The ownership of true high content wolfdogs/pure wolves is NOT one to be taken lightly. THEY ARE NOT PETS!