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This page is dedicated to the people that donate their time, money and their life to helping captive bred wolves and wolfdogs survive.  Rescues, sanctuaries, fosters, transporters, educators and the too few responsible homes/owners that are able to give these animals the life they deserve.

This page is also dedicated to those few individuals that have shared their rescue stories- both happy and sad- to show people the real situations many of these animals face and have to endure.

Rescues to the Rescue...

Why are there so many wolfdogs in need of saving?

Sadly it is a combination of many factors, decisions and situations. And it is usually the animal that suffers for it in the end. 

While there are MANY animals in general that are in dire need of homes- thousands of which are euthanized every day due to lack of shelter space and available homes- the wolfdog in particular, tends of suffer and even more difficult fate.

Unfortunately wolfdogs have many things weighing against them.

The biggest contributing factor would be irresponsible breeding.  Whether breeding low, mids or highs- wolfdogs of all content ranges have ended up in shelters or rescue situations throughout the USA. Misrepresentation also plays a very sad and significant part in the amount of "wolfdogs" needing to be saved.  Most of the calls and e-mails that wolf/wolfdog rescues receive are of misrepresented animals. Even the ones that might end up to be real wolfdogs are usually much lower in content then what they were being claimed.  Those animals are not any less worthy of being saved!!! Those poor animals get caught in the middle...many times dog rescues will not take them because their owners are often still adamant that their animal is, without a doubt, a "high percentage wolf" and many wolfdog rescues are full and do not have the extended foster homes or resources available to help place regular doggy dogs. 

They are illegal to own in several states and even then, several more where they are legal, they are outlawed by individual counties and cities. This makes placing wolfdogs a tedious task and it also limits the places many of these animals can go.

Many vets will not treat them, whether due to legalities in that area or due to the fear of being liable should something happen at their practice. Most of this fear stems from the sad fact that there is no approved rabies vaccine for ON LABEL use in wolves and wolfdog crosses. There is a very long history concerning the rabies vaccine and wolfdog crosses- the vaccine does work, but it is not approved by the USDA.  Meaning if your animal ever bites or scratches someone and a big deal is made about it and they know your animal is a wolfdog- a quarantine period may or may not be given, depending on the circumstances.  When a quarantine period is not given (usually 10-14 days of observation) by law (which may vary by state) they are required to due a rabies test...and the only way to do a rabies test is to euthanize the animal to to cut it's head off.  The brain tissue and fluid must be sent off for testing. This can also make placing wolfdogs difficult if there is no vet in that area that will treat wolfdogs.

Most shelters will not adopt them out also due to liability issues.

And there are only a handful of sanctuaries, rescues and foster/permanent homes that are available to handle and properly take care of these animals.


List of rescues/sanctuaries in alphabetical order by state/country.


Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary, CANADA




Lockwood Animal Rescue Center, CA



Indigo Mountain Nature Center, CO



Mission: Wolf, CO



Wolfdog Rescue Resources

 Has both an East Coast and West Cost contact



Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary, FL



Full Moon Farm, NC




Howling Woods Farm, NJ




Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, NM



Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary, TX



Texas Wolfdog Project and Shelter Inc. TX



And a list of "wolfy" dog rescues- Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds.  They typically do not handle real wolfdogs, however, they are still often pegged with the mess of irresponsible ownership often due to misrepresentation- or, people thinking that malamutes and huskies are wolfdogs. 

 Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue, TX



Husky Haven, TX



Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue, TX