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Mid Content Wolfdogs: What defines a Mid Content?


When identifying a Mid Content wolfdog, one must understand the terms "lower mid" and "upper mid".

A lower mid content is generally described as an animal having wolf-like characteristics that set it apart (sometimes only by a fraction) from a Low Content, but it has still retained MANY doggy characteristics that would otherwise set that animal apart from a more wolf-like Mid Content.

Yes, as confusing as that is, it only gets worse.

An upper mid content is defined as an animal having obvious wolf-like characteristics that distinctly sets it apart from a lower mid/mid content, but still has retained enough dog-like characteristics that otherwise sets that animal apart (sometimes only by a fraction) from a true High Content wolfdog.

So what about the in betweens? Sometimes an animal is stuck right in the middle of a lower mid and an upper mid. They are generally just referred to as Mid Contents or solid mids- animals that seemingly take on about half of both the wolf's and dog's physical and behavioral characteristics- neither side displaying more dominants traits than the other.