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Low Content Wolfdogs



A Basic Overview 


Above: A very low content (low/no) Malamute mix (L) and a solid low content Malamute mix (R). 

Low-Contents (generally up to 49%)

Some low contents (low/nos) can show little to almost no physical appearance of being part wolf to the untrained eye while others have a few noticeable wolf-like traits and behavior quirks that come with a well bred low content.

Many will cycle and breed like regular dogs (usually TWO times a year or every 6-8 months) however some may only breed ONE time a year, though with the possibility of it being an off time (like August).

Puppies can be born with pre-dominant markings such as black/white or all white. Low contents  can produce "wolfy" looking pups) depending on dog breed used (GSD's/GSD mixes and agouti/sable animals often produce dark "wolf" colored puppies).  Low content litter of Malamute (sable coloration), German Shepherd and wolf mix puppies. Having dark colored puppies does not automatically mean they are high content. 

Most will look more like the dog breed(s) in its background (Malamute, husky, German Shepherd or whatever breed they are mixed with) and will *generally* be easier to work with, usually doing well, with training, in a house type setting.

Some low contents may still require secure containment, house supervision and/or an owner experienced with northern breeds or other hard to handle canines.

***Due to the mislabeling of animals- low contents are often mistaken for or represented as high content wolfdogs***


This list is for educational purposes only! Please understand if you are reading this to try to determine if your animal has wolf in it or not, that MOST of these traits are OVERLAPPING. When you throw a few off-standard "wolfy looking" dogs breeds together, you can get some very interesting looking animals- that can fool MANY people...especially those that are inexperienced. If you are seriously interested in having your animal phenotyed, please contact me privately and I can phenotype thru a few pictures/video OR I can refer you to someone else (possibly in your area) that may be able to phenotype in person.


Low content with Mal and husky. 

Low content with German Shepherd. Note the larger, less furrred ears that are set higher on the head and very contrasting facial mask.

Very low content with Malamute and collie.

Low content with malamute, husky and a smidgen of German Shepherd. Notice very large, poorly furred ears that are open in shape. Contrasting markings and bi-colored eyes. 

Low content northern breed/GSD mix. Same animal as a puppy.

Low content malamute mix (wooly coat).

Low content Malamute/husky mix.

Low content husky mix- red/copper coloration.

Low content husky/GSD mix.  Eyes are a pale yellow, not blue.