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Responsible Ownership thru Education

Growing Up Pup: Wilbur from pup to adult!

Wilbur from adorable new born to handsome young adult!

 So begins the timeline of Wilburs life...

Wilburs dad.  He is a lower mid content wolfdog (50%) mixed with mostly Siberian Husky and a smidgen of German Shepherd (GSD). A few of his doggy traits include white nails, a tail that curls and a shorter, broader muzzle with a more pronounced stop.

Wilburs mom. She is a very high content wolfdog (98%) mixed with a smidgen of Alaskan Malamute. Her doggy features include *slightly* larger ears and a *slight* stop.

Little Wilbur, somewhere in the pile of puppies (picture taken by breeder).  Notice the dark, uniform colors of these week old puppies. Notice the noses (and you can't see them very well, but also all the puppies paw pads) are black.  Now with this being a mid content litter, some puppies did have some *small* white markings on their feet and chests.  However, this is a good example of a mid-upper mid content litter.

 Baby Wilbur, 1 week old.


 Above Photo: Baby Wilbur (center) and his littermates at a little over 2 weeks old. You can see a couple of them have started to develop light markings while the others are retaining their darker, "wolfy" coloration.  The variation in a mid content litter is generally going to be much more significant then a low content or high content litter.


Wilbur 3 weeks old. Notice his sister in the back has some facial markings.

Wilbur, 4 weeks old. His ears are fully erect and he is keeping his dark, solid coloration.


Wilbur 8 weeks old. He is just starting to develop masking with his adult hair coming in around his eyes and up his muzzle. Notice his body is still solid, with limited markings.

Wilbur at 12 weeks old. His coat is still fairly blended- his markings slowly growing in with his adult coat. His ears are a little larger/pointier and not as well furred as what you would see on most high content pups and/or pure wolf pups at this age (speaking of the North American subspecies that are commonly crossed in wolfdogs- this excludes Mexican greys and Red Wolves- canis rufus).


Wilbur at 17 weeks old.  His masking and coat is starting to develop more.  His ears are still large and not very well furred.


Wilbur at 23 weeks. Looking more like an adult.  His coat is continuing to get thicker/longer and his markings and coloration keep changing.  He is also getting more hair in his ears and growing into them.

Wilbur at 6 months old. You will notice his defined v-cape, his more blended markings and his longer muzzle.

Wilbur at 9 months old.  You will notice his markings on his body are well blended.  His masking on his face is more defined but is fading more as he gets older. His ears are still a bit larger, pointier and still not as well furred. He is built very narrow, with nice cow hocking and a short, straight brush type tail. His paws are smaller and he does have 4 lighter colored nails spilt between both rear paws.


Wilbur at 10 months old

 Wilbur 11 months old

A few pictures of Wilbur, a couple weeks shy of his first birthday! You will notice he has grown into his ears a little more.  They are better furred and his masking is becoming a *little* more blended/lighter. He has a thick winter coat despite living in Texas and has gotten even lighter even though he is just barely a year.  You will notice his muzzle is longer with a less pronounced stop. His eyes are almond shaped and moderately slanted on his head.  His head is also more wedge shaped, vs being blocky or having a more rounded appearance.

And Wilbur (May 2013) in his summer coat...I know...it makes me sad too!


Wilbur 1.5 years old coming into winter coat. 


Wilbur 2 years old in de-fluff mode. 


Wilbur and his "girlfriend" January 2014.