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Responsible Ownership thru Education

Wolf Content?  Phenotyping? Percentage?        F-Gen Number?  What the heck does that mean?!?!


Above: Two and a half year old litter mates.

Keep this in mind:

The genotype/% is only as accurate as the lineage that is being provided. If the lineage of your animal(s) has been misrepresented, a thorough phenotype is going to be the most "accurate" way to determine content (which is common in rescue since lineage is often false or not provided). 

In addition there is NO DNA test available to the public that can determine %/content in your animal.  The only test that is available to the public is the UC Davis test (http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/Wolf-DogHybrid.php) which only determines if an animal is part wolf or pure wolf. 

One% or 99% wolf...what is the difference?

Dealing with percentage can be a tricky and very inaccurate subject, especially when dealing with misrepresented animals (see picture below).  Percentage alone is not going to tell you how many wolf/dog genes were actually inherited into each individual animal. 

For instance, you could have a sibling that might physically, behaviorally or biologically express a greater number of wolf-like characteristics then others, but might produce doggier looking and acting pups when bred back to another wolfdog.  You could have another sibling that is is more dog-like, but when bred back to another wolfdog could produce much wolfier looking and acting offspring.

However, that does not mean that the content of that individual animal is going to change because of the resulting offspring.

Above photo:

TL- a claimed 98%/pure with "documented" lineage.

TR- a verified 87% F4 with actual documented lineage.

BL- a mostly Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix with a touch of Alaskan Malamute..

BR- a pure wolf of the MacKenzie Valley influence.


Genotype VS Phenotype:

Why is knowing so important?

 Picture above (left to right): Which animal has more wolf in it?

The answer? These two animals are siblings from the same litter.  Their genotype on paper is 74%.  This is the result of breeding a 50% higher F-gen male wolfdog to a 98% lower f-gen female wolfdog.

So what about the siblings above?

While their % on paper is 74% (which is considered an upper mid content) not all of them phenotype as upper mids due to the traits (or lack thereof) that have been inherited and/or expressed.