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28 years old
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
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My "malamute" is named Achilles. I have owned and raised Alaskan Malamutes my entire life, and have been breeding them for over 12 years in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. Malamutes are a popular breed here as well as a very welcomed family companion. I purchased Achilles from a Malamute owner in St. Louis, Missouri, USA while I was up visiting with relatives. As I had no dogs and the last line of my Malamutes had grown and departed, I decided I would take the akward but lovable floppy-eared puppy home with me as just a companion animal; I had no intent of producing a line from his stock (he was not registered, had no papers what so ever, and I only really saw a picture of his father.) He was a large pup,  over 20 kilos at 13 weeks, so I thought he might be of M'loot lineage. He had light brown eyes and his black fur was tinted red. The months went by with ease and he and I created a strong bond with each other. But at 6 months, I started noticing Achilles had begun to change unlike any malamute I had ever owned, bred or trained. He started becoming aggressive with animals he used to have a friendship with, he began to destroy things I had always trained and trusted him around. Then around 8 months, his appearance started to look less and less Malamute, and more and more wild. His eyes became a light orange-yellow colour, his legs and body became overtly lengthly and narrow. His paws were absolutely large and flat, unlike a standard Malamute's thick, stocky paws. Achilles is now 4 years old and it has been a whirlwind of adventure with him, with a few bumps along the way, but he has never shown any aggression to me or my loved ones that was not uncalled for (pulled ears, tail, general rough play exempted). I never tell any one who asks about his "strangely-wolfish" appearance and behaviour that he has any wolf in him, since I can't honestly say he does, but to an experienced Alaskan Malamute owner, it does raise a few questions and not a few too many eyebrows. Enough even that on one occasion, someone had tried to kill him with Rat Poison (thankfully we noticed warning signs right away and rushed him to Veterinary before any tragedy could strike). Before then, he generally would not approach anyone, choosing instead to hide behind me or peering out a hidden spot from a safe distance. Now, he uses different growls and vocalizations to anyone who comes within distance to any of our property (i.e. when he is in the back of a Ute or standing beside me on lead). General standards, his look is still within range of a normal Alaskan Malamute, but his measurments are definately off. At 4 years, his legs are thicker, but far too lengthly and narrow for a Malamute. His chest is visibly narrow, but deep. His body is long, around 1.5 metres, and he rarely ever holds his tail up unless he is displaying dominance, and never over his back. The way he walks is like he is either stalking something, or displaying himself, with a single gait. Wolves and Dogs aside, Achilles has only ever howled on a few occasions. In our few years together, I have maybe heard him "howl" 3 times, and it was only when he voiced his objection to us taking a stroll without him. He vocalizes often, especially since we have put him with another dog, and even his own son *I decided after the poisoning incident to got one male out of him with a full-blooded malamute* but not like the general woo-wooing a Malamute does. It is more like someone strangling him, with a few arroo-arroo-roos thrown in when he feels like it. He has a sort of deep, baritone hooting alarm when he senses something unrecognized around the property. He DOES make a great Guard Dog. (numerous people have been too afraid to get out of their vehicles because they either see a large thing peering out behind some bushes, hear a low growl, or simply don't like the large wolfish animal patrolling the territory. He is not people aggressive, he is just sure to let people know he sees them)

Achilles is 34 inches at the shoulder and weighs 56 kilos (124 lbs)

I just want to know what sort of Canine mixture is my animal?

4 years old

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