the rescued dog or wolfdog the rescued dog or wolfdog kala first day - she has nerve damage to the right ear-and a scar over her left eye-she is approx. two years old and gave birth to pups in april-i assume they are dead ,she has big feet ,walks one leg in front of other slinks and lopes in movement - inside the house she cowls and is apprehensive , whilst outside she seems to grow ,very alert and looks like a professional athlete- but very early days ,she needs to recover herself first and foremost 156893544 156893545 156893546 164751439 164751358 164751359 164751360 164751361 164751362 173444350 173444351 173444352 173444353 174248866 174248867 174248868 174248869 185569478 185569479 185569480 185569481 kala in the mountains 200596821 two saarloos wolf dogs -nefeli and kala nefeli is one year one month -is 33 inches high and weights 33 kilos -kala the older wold dog weighs less and is around a few inches shorter - both have been mentored by the Belgium shepherd perry. kala is a solitary creature she likes to sleep alone and be alone apart from play or walking - but with the young female she adopts an imperious attitude -and corrects her behavior when required . 200596822 200596823 200596825 200596674