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Posted by texx-wolf-tails on November 4, 2013 at 7:50 PM

Updates have been progressing slowly, but we are getting there!  

If you have any questions, please e-mail me directly.  RULES ARE AS FOLLOWED to help you get replied to in a more timely manner.

*Please put in the subject line something that pertains to wolfdogs or I will not read it.

*Please be specific and thorough/detailed if you have any particular questions.

*If you are sending pictures or videos for a phenotype, please send good ones!!!  I need several CLEAR pictures of the animals head, paws, tail, muzzle, body (full front and side) animal in motion, teeth, eyes. If you have pictures of parents, siblings or anything else like that as well would be a huge help.  Please try to not send pictures of puppies to be phenotyped- unless its pretty "black and white" puppies can be difficult to phentype.

*Please expect a delayed reply.  Depending on the request and the amount of emails- it may take up to a few weeks for a reply.  If it is urgent, please state it as so.

E-mail address is:  [email protected]

Love you guys and thank you to the many that support Wolfdog Education.



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Reply ellen
11:19 PM on November 15, 2013 
Questions.......how to relieve dry skin and itching...also food.....Blue, Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe red meat is what we have been giving her. We ate lucky....she is between 3-5, whoever her original owner was knew what they were doing. She is wonderful, a wonderful and funny personality. She is spoiled rotten.....but do need advice. Back yo the itchy skin, am looking at getting pure salmon oil to put on what food?????
Reply texx-wolf-tails
3:37 PM on November 19, 2013 
You can try salmon, herring or hemp oil. :) She might also be allergic to that type of meat, so you could look into feeding their duck recipe instead. If she doesnt seemt o be getting better a trip to the vet might be in order to make sure she doesnt have any underlying issues!
Reply ellen
2:48 PM on November 21, 2013 
Great, we just purchased salmon oil, we wanted to be sure it did not contain rosemary extract. Found Iceland pure salmon oil. We got her from my husband's co-worker who got her from animal services. We are 23 yrs military so my husband and I are thinking her original owner (had tremendous knowledge of wolf dogs because she is wonderful) must have gotten PCS orders and could not take her. We have done tons of research, found you educational web sight and have discovered she is a VERY high medium. The original owner had her chipped, socialized her to people at an early age.....but she always lets us know of her wolfness but keeps it on a scale that brings out her funny personality. We are learning, but she is such a blessing. Thank you for your help. What about rubbing in her skin a conditioner made by Mane and Tail. Thank you so much !
Reply Zina
11:50 AM on November 30, 2013 
I've try'd looking for some sort of chatroom of some sort to Talk about my new breed of dog I have I need help of what breed she is I'm from the uk and have been told she's a nothan amircan breed of wolf please help!! Thanks
Reply Rick Fredin
6:14 PM on December 5, 2013 
Hello Natasha, I just joined ur site,and am starting to read everyones comments,to learn about wolf dogs,but someone mentioned something to me earlier,and in all my reading could not find any info on the subject. Could i please get ahold of u some how to discuss.thank you
Reply Janine
8:54 PM on March 4, 2014 
Hi there, I purchased the most stunning and beautiful baby in March of 2012. I found your site and found it to be very informative. I found many characteristics that describe my baby and wondered if you would mind taking a look. I can forward pics, he's a little camera shy. I think he maybe mid content. It doesn't really matter but it may explain some things better about him and his behavior. Thanks
Reply Indian Woman
10:27 PM on March 24, 2014 
Hello we were given two ten month old brothers and cook chicken leg quarters or venison and mixed veggies for them with mixed berries and probiotics and an occasional egg along with gee or coconut oil and a krill oil capsule . We still haven't found a dry food they prefer . Their prior owners fed them Eco .they told us they cook for them and add probiotics and a little dirt with krill oil on their food also a good quality pet vitamin. Our dogs were unsocialized giant puppies . Now the best hiking partners and house pets. Next step is safe containment. We neutered them within the first week. Good luck and any food pointers would be great!
Reply WolfPuppy14
7:58 PM on March 29, 2014 
Hi I am looking at buying two wolf cups and I want to see if the breeder is a good! Please email me [email protected] Thank you!!!
Reply HelliKnory
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11:17 PM on August 4, 2017 
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Reply Raina
11:31 AM on August 23, 2017 
I was wondering if you knew of the breeder whos photos you featured on your growing up pup page? im definitely interested in getting one of wilbers dads pups? I like his breed makeup/ lower wolf content... along with how beautiful he is. I had a dog that looked just like him and its difficult to find a hybrid with that rare coat. Would be interested in asking the breeder further questions. If you had a link or contact info I would appreciate it so so so much. looking for my new companion:) thankyou... I also sent you an email